Engaged in third party manufacturing of Herbal Capsule, Ayurvedic Cosmetics, Ayurvedic Medicines, Nutraceutical Products and many more products that are safe to use.

Custom Formulations

At Asli Ayurveda, the expertise we have in the custom formulation of Ayurvedic products and food supplements is the key differentiator. Our team of custom formulations helps the clients in identifying the right mix of ingredients and using our optimal delivery system we ensure quick supply of Herbal Capsules, Herbal Juices, Herbal Tablets, Herbal Churans, etc.

From capsules, tablets, chewables to cosmetics, our company can formulate everything related to Ayurveda for the clients. The formulation process we follow is systematically analyzed, controlled and tested by the experts to ensure product effectiveness and favorable results.

Private Label

Apart from manufacturing products under our own flagship brand, Asli Ayurveda, we can also provide the facility of Private Labeling & Custom Formulation Services. Under these services, either the clients can sold our products under their own brand name or we can formulate a totally new product for them from scratch. In addition, we will help the clients to take their private labeled products to the next level, provide them counseling from our experts which will reduce all the hassle and the clients can start their work as soon as possible.

Also, we are having a separate Graphic Desogning department which will work in coordination with the clients to create their custom (Private) label products so that they will reach to their target markets.

Contract Manufacturing

Formulation, encapsulation, powder, liquid, gummy, tableting, etc. Asli Ayurveda are capable of providing complete Contract Manufacturing/Private Labeling solutions of Skin Care & Cosmetics, Ayurvedic Products, Nutraceuticals and Sports Supplements. We have the access of a long list of formulas and can fulfill specific customer product development requirements of the clients. Our company is actively engaged in research & development activities to find better formulas and high quality ingredients to improve our products quality.

By using the latest technologies, we ate offering comprehensive quality assurance tests, project development and contract manufacturing services on the basis of clients requirements; in our AYUSH licensed, FSSAI approved and GMP certified manufacturing facility.

Research & Development

Our research & development department is the key behind the science in our products and they are keen to develop & formulate up-to-date formulas to make sure that our products stay ahead in the competition and cope up with the changing industrial trends.

Our R&D department follows Quality Development System which ensure that quality of the products is always met the standards as well as process engineering principles are applied during the manufacturing. This system helps in assuring quality throughout the life cycle of the Ayurvedic products.

About Us and Our Founder

ASLI AYURVEDA is a dovelike project for Mr. Mohit Sardana who is laved in his Master's glory... SADHGURU Jaggi Vasudev Ji. His urge to benefit every unit of mankind through all the knowledge this science of Life: Ayurveda, has to offer is beyond any stretch of imagination.

As he navigated through his career, making whirlpools by forming a trajectory for others to follow in DIRECT SELLING Industry, he knew right from the day one, about his spiritual calling. All this, with an elevated energy and a cause, an untangible power which supported him and nurtured his dream, thus bearing fruits into growing as a serial entrepreneur; Mohit Sardana has touched a huge variety of businesses, be it food, health, export, textiles, lifestyle, education, e-commerce, Home Furniture Solutions and more. His Work in Business and other areas of life have been appreciated and acknowledged by various forums and organizations, media houses and institutions.

The Yogic Practices given to him by SADHGURU has brought him closer in terms of understanding of LIFE.

This brings in him reinforcement to do better and bigger at both fronts : LIFE and LIVELIHOOD, and gives him a serene clarity that ultimate purpose of any business is the 'HUMAN Well-Being', which he chooses over and again. ASLI is born of this cause.
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